Pest Control Service Banani

Pest problem is one of the most irritating problems you have ever seen in your daily life. If you are looking for pest control service in Banani, Dhaka. Care pest bd will be a perfect solution for your various types of pest control solution at unbeatable price. We will follow-up or return your home monthly or weekly basis until the pest problems are resolved. Call Care pest BD as a best Pest control company in Banani Dhaka.

Types of Pest Control Service we provide in Banani

Care pest bd help you with any types of pest control service in banani, Dhaka and reduce the risk of disease and damage to your home. office, restaurant, Clothing shop or more.


  • Bed Bugs Control Banani
  • Cockroach Control Banani
  • Rodent Control Banani
  • Mosquito Control Banani
  • Snake Control Banani


কেয়ার পেস্ট বিডি আপনাকে বনানীর অভ্যন্তরে যেকোন ধরণের কীটপতঙ্গ নিয়ন্ত্রণ পরিষেবা দিয়ে সহায়তা করে এবং আপনার বাড়ি, অফিস, রেস্তোরাঁ, কাপড়ের দোকান বা আরও অনেক কিছুর রোগ ও ক্ষতির ঝুঁকি কমায়। কেয়ার পেস্ট বিডি বনানীতে গ্যারান্টি সহকারে পেস্ট কন্ট্রোল সমাধান প্রদান করে এবং সক্রিয় কীটপতঙ্গ সমস্যার সমাধান না হওয়া পর্যন্ত সেবা প্রদান করে যাবে।

Bed Bugs Control Banani


Bed bugs are small oval-shaped insects that feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. They can be a nuisance because they leave behind dark, itchy welts when they bite people or animals. Bed bugs also spread diseases, such as tuberculosis and malaria.


There is no one sure way to get rid of bedbugs, but using a pest control service can help control the population while you try to find an effective solution on your own. A pest control service will often use insecticides or traps to remove bed bugs from your home.


To remove bed bugs from your home you may need a professional. Call care pest bd, we provide bed bugs control service in Banani.


Cockroach Control Banani


Effective cockroach control services are essential for any home or business that wants to avoid costly infestations and pests. Cockroaches can be a real nuisance, especially in places where food is stored or transported. But those will not be a permanent solution for your home and business. You need to hire cockroach Control professionals in Banani. Care pest control is a professional Cockroach Control service provider in Banani.


Rodent Control Banani


Have you been noticing rats or mice in and around your home? Are they making a mess or carrying disease? If so, you may need to call in a professional rodent control service provider in Banani. Call Us today for a permanent rodent control service.


Pest Control Price in Banani


Pest control price in Banani is not too much at all. Care Pest control fees ৳ 1500 to ৳ 8000. It depends on the size of your room.


বনানীতে কীটপতঙ্গ নিয়ন্ত্রণ ফি একেবারেই বেশি নয়। কেয়ার পেস্ট কন্ট্রোল ফি ৳ 1500 থেকে ৳ 8000 এর মধ্যে। পেস্ট কন্ট্রোল ফি আপনার ঘরের আকারের উপর নির্ভর করে।